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Orthros chanters, now there’s no more struggling to fit the English words to the traditional melodies!


This valuable and convenient Music Supplement contains an online, printable Music Book featuring everything a chanter needs for Sunday Orthros in one complete resource. All the hymns are in staff notation, and we include audio recordings to make it easier than ever to practice and prepare for Sunday Orthros.


You will love this Music Supplement and wonder how you ever got along without it!


A six-month subscription starts from the date of purchase. This purchase of the Single email option allows one email address to access this Orthros Music Supplement subscription.   This product is also included with a purchase of Orthros Volume A or B.


Soon after completing your purchase, you will receive  an  email from  The email will let you know that your subscription is active and you're ready to use the site: The music supplement will be posted each Sunday for the following Sunday’s Orthros service.

Orthros Music Supplement: Single email

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     Shipped Today: If you placed an order for Soft Cover Lenten Liturgies, it has shipped. 

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