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The Liturgikon

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  • The first bilingual (Greek/English) Liturgikon ever published.  It is intended to meet the needs of our Church in the Americas.

    The translation of the Liturgikon from the original Greek was rendered by the late Fr. Leon Contos.  What does this mean to you?  You now have an additional book for your liturgical use, which uses the same language for the petitions and responses of our previous publications of Orthros, Holy Week, and Lenten Liturgies and Sacraments and Services (in three volumes).

    The size of The Liturgikon  is convenient (7 x 10), neither overly bulky or heavy. The text is in two colors (red and black), and the print is large.  It is case-bound in black cloth. A gold Cross, set in a field of crimson red, distinguishes both the front and back cover.  As you open the book, you will note that the symbolic crimson color, on antique paper, has been used for the endleafs thus further enhancing the appearance.

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 Shipped Today: If you placed an order for Soft Cover Lenten Liturgies, it has shipped. 

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